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Zhejiang Fujie Electric Co.,Ltd.

Pre-sales service:
Collaborate with users to understand their requirements and provide design consulting services.
Offer economical and feasible solutions to meet user needs.

- Zhejiang Fujie Electric

In-sales service:
Conduct training for user operators to ensure a thorough understanding of product characteristics.
Enable user personnel to participate directly in the production and assembly of related products for better comprehension of structural performance.
Ensure that product quality meets relevant standards and contractual requirements.

After-sales service:
Provide comprehensive product knowledge training for user operators.
Deliver prompt and attentive services over an extended period. In nearby areas, guarantee on-site arrival within 4 hours upon receiving user requests. In other regions of China, ensure arrival within 24 hours (12 hours for travel time). In traffic congested areas, arrival is guaranteed within 48 hours.
Offer consulting services and address any user inquiries