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Company News   |   2023-06-14

Fujie Electric Introduces C(P)SCD Series Marine Power Transformers, Designed for Reliable Shipboard Applications

Fujie Electric is delighted to unveil its latest addition to the product portfolio, the C(P)SCD Series Marine Power Transformers. These transformers are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of shipboard, offshore platforms, and other marine applications, providing reliable electrical power for lighting, communication, and power distribution systems.

The C(P)SCD Series Marine Power Transformers are dry-type, self-cooled transformers with a voltage rating of up to 11kV and a frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz. With capacities ranging from 1kVA to 2000kVA, these transformers feature a core made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, ensuring minimal vibration and enhanced stability. The windings are meticulously crafted using premium high-insulation enameled or silk-covered wires, with insulation classes of B, F, and H. The transformers are available in various protection levels, including drip-proof (IP22, IP23, IP44) and waterproof (IP55) variants.

Complying with international standards such as CB/T 4388, IEC 60076, IEC 60068, IEC 60528, GB 1094.1-2013, GB 1094.3-2003, GB 1094.5-2008, GB1094.11-2007, and more, the C(P)SCD Series Marine Power Transformers ensure exceptional performance, durability, and safety in marine environments. These transformers have undergone rigorous tests, including insulation level tests, short-circuit withstand capability tests, and environmental tests such as alternating damp heat, mold growth, and salt mist.

Operating under challenging conditions, the transformers can reliably function within a temperature range of -25°C to +45°C, with an air relative humidity not exceeding 95%. They are designed to withstand the influences of condensation, oil mist, salt mist, and fungal growth, as well as vibrations and shocks typically encountered during normal ship operations. Additionally, the transformers can operate with power supply voltages approximating sinusoidal waveform, ensuring compatibility with symmetrically connected three-phase systems.

We are pleased to announce that the C(P)SCD Series Marine Power Transformers have undergone rigorous testing and have successfully obtained the CCS (China Classification Society) certification. This accreditation reaffirms our commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable, and industry-compliant electrical solutions for the global maritime sector.

For more information about the C(P)SCD Series Marine Power Transformers or to discuss your specific marine power requirements, please contact our team. Trust Fujie Electric for advanced electrical solutions tailored for marine applications.